Saturday, December 31, 2005

What a difference a morning makes

At last
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Yesterday the eagerly awaited snow arrived! This was my view when I woke up. Thankfully the boys and I managed to play out before it turned to sleet and rain. I have some lovely footage but I've yet to master how to connect the dv part of my camcorder to my lappy, I'm sure it can be done though.

Beautiful morning
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Then this morning I had this lovely view from my bedroom. I'm now fed up of cold I want spring now! Plus that means I'll have my baby boy by then.

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Lovely spring days with my baby in a sling is what I'm looking forward too. Just don't get me started on slings. There are so many beautiful slings out there I just can't decide. *haha sorry just being distracted from blogging by listening to the Ricky Gervais podcast*
For a start I want one of these but can't decide on the colour. I must have a coorie from Brightsparks too, oh and one of these and..well the list goes on! I already have an ergo and Rockinbabysling but they are just so addictive. As are the nappies..thankfully I have all of Dillon's still plus the local council give you money off too.

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