Tuesday, February 03, 2009

Oh dear

what with all the facebooking and now that twittering I've turned into the worst blogger ever (not that I really write it expecting it to be read, it's more like a diary I can't lose). The last post was about watching IT Crowd filming, the series has aired and the DVD is being made already! You don't need me to tell you how funny it is.

Obviously day to day I have bugger all to say, ooh I woke up, took them to school, went to asda and hoovered. Thrilling stuff. See normally I'm pregnant by now (as in when my youngest goes to playschool) so have something to look forward to. Plus thanks to those hormones housework is slightly enjoyable in that nesting way.
But there are no more little people to be made so I'm bored stupid with housewifery atm. But the children bit is obviously wonderful. I'm loving watching their sense of humours develop, Jensy's very must at that "cat goes woof" and that's funny stage, Dillon is more slapstick and Tyler is really into Shooting Stars, he's got quite a surreal sense of humour. Keeps singing about baked potato.
Oh and I finished my breastfeeding peer supporter course, just got to set the group up.

Anyway I have actually done a couple of things since I last blogged, in October I went to Amsterdam and my eldest boy had his first school trip staying away overnight!
In November I finally got to go along and see Magistrates play the Barhouse. So excited about their album coming out this year. 20081123-IMG_6960.

I also popped (I say that as if it's easily done, but fitting in school run, dinner and babysitting arrangements plus getting to London Bridge for 7ish is knackering) along to see Robert Popper and Peter Serafinowicz's listening party thing, The Other Side, at Shunt. It was an authentic (I assume as I have no experience as yet) sneeky listen to a radio show for dead people. Attention to detail, as always with those two, was brilliant. I loved the whole aural atmosphere of the show and the choice of venue couldn't of being any better. It was a while ago now, and I do so hope I get to hear it again, but what sticks in my head was the sketch "How did you die?" in a very lighthearted local radio phone in style. All this heard through wireless headphones, sat round in a candle lit room, made it even more funny. It's really weird laughing and not being able to hear yourself.

Then December was Christmas, I cooked Christmas dinner for the first time with help from Nigella, Jon back at work Boxing Day and little Jensy throwing up the day after (not related to my dinner, honest).
Highlight of my festive tv viewing was Peter's show and of course Doctor Who.

January I turned 30 and wish to forget the whole event, Jensy started preschool and then in February it snowed (like it's barely been mentioned on the news). Yay!

Wonky snowy fence

As for the future, obviously I still need to learn to drive (I spotted a company called Jam advertised in The Edge, I may go with them based just on that name). I've also got to work out what on earth I'm going to do when all boys are in school (omg next September..and even more wtf omg Tyler starts secondary school) and get an opportunity to make some of that money stuff. I have no idea what I could be paid for doing.
Oh and I have tickets to see Matt Berry at Scala in April, I'm assuming it's to promote his new album, proving he's not just a pretty voice, trumpets and electric sex pants!
Oh and I am so excited, new Maxïmo Park album out this year and I'm going to the Brixton gig in May.

Oh and..no not really. I really must stop saying that so much, it's annoying.

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